Clinical Teaching Toolkit

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development is pleased to present additional teaching resources and learning challenges for preceptor development.

Principles of Delivering Feedback

  • There are various methods and approaches to delivering effective feedback. The School of Medicine is committed to creating a culture that supports the giving and receiving of feedback based in The Compassionate Practice™. This module is adapted from “Giving Effective Feedback: A Faculty Development Online Module and Workshop” by Aaagard, Rossi, and Guiton (2010) and provides an overview of effective feedback in the medical education learning environment.
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Johns Hopkins Medicine – Institute for Excellence in Teaching

  • Developing the next generation of great clinicians, researchers, educators, and leaders requires superb educators with expert teaching skills. Teaching and education are vital parts of the missions of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and faculty development is critical to improve learner outcomes and enhance teacher satisfaction.In an effort to bring the most effective and evidence-based teaching strategies to everyone in the global community, and through the generosity of the Office of the Vice Dean for Education, the Institute for Excellence in Education (IEE) has compiled a series of valuable resources in this website. Our goal is to provide practical teaching tips, promote self-reflection, network and share ideas. We believe this can ultimately lead to better patient care, science, scholarship and leadership.

Additional Resources