Student Affairs

The student affairs efforts will concentrate on four areas: career advising, student wellness and resilience, student resources and the physician development coaching program.

Career Advising

The Director of Career Advising will oversee the delivery of Careers in Medicine and supervise the advising system for the exploration and selection of medical specialties that will maximize our student’s competitiveness in the Match.

Student Wellness and Resilience

The Student Wellness and Resilience Program provides a content driven take on preventing physician burnout while creating an environment for students to evaluate and develop their own well-being and resilience. We undergird the interests of our students by promoting and supporting the development of student interest groups along with development of a student governing body.

Physician Development Coaching Initiative

The Physician Development Coaching Program will pair each student with a coach upon their arrival. This coaching relationship will continue throughout their time spent at the school of medicine and will support the development of a professional identity in addition to monitoring the academic progress of our students.