Student Services

The student affairs efforts will concentrate on four areas: career advising, student wellness and resilience, student resources and the physician development coaching program.

While these functional experts may be found on both the TCU and UNTHSC campuses, the staff in the Office Student Affairs works closely with our colleagues. We encourage you to begin your student services search with the SOM Office of Student Affairs staff so that we may be able to direct and to refer you appropriately.

Career and Professional Development

The Director of Career Advising will oversee the delivery of Careers in Medicine and supervise the advising system for the exploration and selection of medical specialties that will maximize our student’s competitiveness in the Match.

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Counseling and mental health services are provided to TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine enrolled students through the TCU Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) as a service of the university and at no charge to students.  The Counseling and Mental Health Center provides a variety of professional services, including short-term counseling, psychiatric consultation, and referrals. Counseling services are provided by licensed psychologists, licensed professional counselors, licensed social workers, and graduate level trainees under the supervision of a licensed staff therapist. Psychiatric services are provided by a board-certified consulting psychiatrist.  Students are encouraged to schedule their healthcare appointments during the “white space” in the curriculum, but will be allowed an excused absence from educational hours for mental health and other healthcare needs.

For more information, visit TCU Counseling and Mental Health Center  

Financial Education and Scholarship

The school of medicine is dedicated to assisting medical students in understanding, applying for and securing financial aid for a medical education. Additionally, we are committed to personal financial wellness and deliver sessions in budgeting, debt management/repayment plans and strategies, amongst other topics at times that are important to your journey in and after medical school. Students are unique in their needs and we will do our best to work with any situation.

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Physician Development Coaching Initiative

The Physician Development Coaching Program will pair each student with a coach upon their arrival. This coaching relationship will continue throughout their time spent at the school of medicine and will support the development of a professional identity in addition to monitoring the academic progress of our students.

Professionalism Resource Officer

The School of Medicine is committed to the highest professional standards for its students, faculty and staff. Identifying and addressing professionalism concerns at an early stage, and through multiple channels, is vital to ensuring support for all.

The Office of the Professionalism Resource Officer (PRO) exists to receive professionalism concerns at any time from anyone regarding our faculty, staff and students.  In addition to opportunities to approach school of medicine leadership, faculty and staff at any time, the school of medicine also provides a clear and simple means for students, faculty and staff to share concerns confidentially and/or anonymously. The PRO serves an essential and confidential role in addressing these concerns.

The PRO seeks to address professionalism lapses directly with the individual involved in a constructive, non-confrontational and confidential setting. If a professionalism concern rises to the level of a SOM policy violation, an honor code violation or a Title IX violation, the matter will be forwarded to the appropriate investigating body and the person(s) bringing the concern will be so notified if their identity is known to the PRO.

Detailed information about the process and the online reporting form may be obtained by contacting the PRO, Mary Elizabeth Herring at 979-224-0824.

Online Reporting Form

Student Disability Services

Disability services for SOM students are provided through the TCU Center for Academic Services, Student Disability Services Office located inSadler Hall 1010 on the TCU Campus.

For more information, visit Student Disability Services.

Student Records, Registration and Credentialing

The school of medicine is dedicated to protecting student records and other data collected throughout medical school. Students are required to maintain credentialing documentation (i.e. immunizations, criminal background, and clinical paperwork) for continued enrollment and clinical rotations, so it is important that students adhere to all requests in a timely manner. Our office also verifies enrollment status for loan deferments, jury duty, insurance discounts, in addition to official transcripts and other documents required for medical licensure.

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Student Success Navigation

The Student Success Navigators (learning specialists) and the Physician Development Coaches are an integral part of team-based academic advising and assistance for all medical students, along with faculty and the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. Each academic cohort will have six student teams that consist of ten medical students, two Physician Development Coaches, and one Student Success Navigator. Each coach and student success navigator will monitor their students’ academic progress and encourage professional identity formation by meeting frequently with students to review their progress, identify resources, and plan for next steps. The learning specialists will also provide individual and group academic assistance programming, including self-assessments and workshops in areas such as time-management strategies, study skills and preferences, and USMLE preparation.

Thrive: Medical Student Wellness 

The TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine has developed the THRIVE wellness curriculum.  THRIVE is the longitudinal, integrated and collaborative system of instruction, learning and support for the School of Medicine students focusing on their well-being.

Veterans Services

Veterans Services is committed to ensuring that military and veteran students successfully make the transition from the military environment to campus life, and are assisted in their progress toward completing their academic degree. For more information, see TCU Veterans Services