Lean more about (FAB) from
Dr. Stuart D. Flynn

What is future accelerators of
medicine AND BEYOND (FAB)?

The brainchild of Founding Dean Stuart D. Flynn, M.D., FAB exposes medical students to emerging concepts that may have a significant impact on the delivery of health care during their career. Using forward thinking strategies, students contribute to the development of novel approaches for applying technology to improve the health of patients and populations.


Digital technology is driving rapid changes to almost every aspect of life including the delivery of health care. Our medical students hear from artificial intelligence and robotics experts on the current innovations and what they can expect as future physicians.


Genomics investigates how a person’s biological information can be used as part of their clinical care. Our medical student walks you through a week of learning about genetics through patient stories and experts in the field.

Assays of the

Medical tests can help detect a condition, determine a diagnosis or plan treatment. In this FAB exercise medical students work in small groups to present assays that could help determine health issues in 2030. The students present their findings to a panel- Shark-Tank style-that chooses the best proposal.

Design thinking

Design Thinking is an approach that focuses on patient and provider needs, and prioritizes empathy. Medical students learn how to put the human at the center of everything they do to and use ideation, prototyping and testing to solve healthcare issues.