Student Interest Groups

Student Senate, Student Interest Groups and School of Medicine Standing Committees

Participation in Burnett School of Medicine Senate, student interest groups (SIGs), and standing committees of the School of Medicine is an integral aspect to medical school education. With careful consideration of interests, time availability, and a focus on academics, co-curricular activities provide practical, life skills that will assist you in your medical careers, a way to feel connected to the Burnett School of Medicine, and the means to meet and to connect with your classmates, faculty and staff. Students who participate in School of Medicine leadership positions will: advocate for and serve School of Medicine student needs; create and facilitate innovative student programs and services that promote student success, well-being, and professionalism; participate in continuous improvement processes; and promote, develop, and foster vertical relationships between students from all classes.

The staff of the Office of Student Affairs strongly encourages getting involved in co-curricular activities and considers this involvement to be among the important elements to life outside the classroom. It is our passion to assist in the holistic development of students. And, involvement is an important way to attend to balance and wellness as a School of Medicine student. We encourage you to begin your involvement search with the School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs staff so that we may discuss your interests and passions.

To join a specific SIG and/or learn more about them, log into your TCU Engage account. You will not only see all the Burnett School of Medicine student groups, but also all the amazing student groups at TCU!

Standing Committees

We have several standing committees and subcommittees where students can be representatives for their class. Our current Committees are: Assessment and Evaluation Subcommittee, Course and Clerkship Review Subcommittee, Curriculum Committee and DEI Committee.

Student Interest Groups (SIG)