Our Mission and Values

Our Vision

To be a leader in medical education, delivery of care and scholarship. We do this by focusing intentionally on the constellation of:

  • Character integrity, empathy, humanism, professionalism
  • Content – medical knowledge, technology, innovation, integration
  • Context patient-centered models, cultural sensitivity, health care systems, finance, ambulatory settings, patient safety, chronic disease prevention and management
  • Creativity – innovation, inquisitive scholars
  • Collaboration – team-based care, patient and family partnerships, shared decision-making
  • Community servant leadership, public education, partnership, leadership
  • Communication – exceptional communicators, active listeners

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to promoting and supporting diversity, equity and inclusion. It is a shared vision and responsibility of the faculty, students and staff within the School of Medicine to create a culture of respect, trust and empathy. We believe our capacity to care for our community and patients from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and identities is limitless.

Motto, Core Values and Pillars

Our motto is Learn, Apply, Serve.

Our core values are: Integrity, Empathy, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Collaboration, Servant Leadership, Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Our pillars are: Education, Patient and Family-Centered Care, Research and Community