Burnett School of Medicine

Simulation & Technology


Improving Critical Thinking

Simulation provides an environment for students to apply their knowledge and experience; safely build confidence in clinical and technical skills; and make decisions without actual risk to patients. Collaborating with faculty, staff, departments, and the community allows us to construct simulated scenarios that compliment and support the curriculum. Information retention rate is higher when simulation is incorporated. (If I hear and see I may forget. If I do and explain then I understand.)


Building Confidence in Clinical Techniques

Technology in healthcare is advancing rapidly and the way we learn must keep the same pace. Content delivery and the tools medical students are using to learn are evolving.

Mixed Reality

Applications & Virtual Learning

Manikins and Task Trainers

Skills Training


New methods, Ideas, and Solutions

The Burnett School of Medicine Simulation team provides creative ideas and concepts for our faculty, for our school, and for our community. We provide innovative solutions for implementation into the school’s curricula and courses by keeping abreast of developing advanced techniques. Access to innovative technology and 3-D printers is available at the TCU Library to create replacement parts for our trainers, as well as new customized training tools. An additional resource available to the sim team is the TCU Koehler Center for Instruction, Innovation, and Engagement’s virtual lab.

Community & Collaboration

Partnerships to Accelerate Learning

It’s not just about our students, simulation promotes collaboration with our community! Collaboration allows our students access to resources and additional faculty and staff with years of experience and knowledge.

Interprofessional Education


Contact Us

Adam Jennings, D.O.

Executive Director for Simulation Education, Innovation and Research


Jonathan Babirak

Simulation Manager

j.e.babirak@tcu.edu 817-257-8410

Corbin Santana

Mixed Reality Simulation Specialist

corbin.santana@tcu.edu 817-257-8461

Brad Trussell

Mixed Reality Simulation Specialist


Raul Montalvo

Program Coordinator