Dear Students,

The Office of Student Affairs is pleased to welcome you to the Burnett School of Medicine. Each of you are a part of an exceptionally talented student body, recognized for its diversity, creativity, innovative thinking, academic and non-academic achievements, and desire to become Empathetic Scholars®. We are pleased that you chose the School of Medicine to become the leaders of health care for the future. The student handbook will familiarize all students with the many aspects of the School of Medicine, including information pertaining to both of our parent institutions. In these pages, you will see descriptions of the services and activities available to students, as well as the policies and guidelines that govern our academic life and codes of student and professional conduct that are required of our students. Each student is required to review the content included in this handbook and abide by the policies and guidelines as outlined.

Within the Office of Student Affairs, our mission is to know our students, build community with our students, help to identify and remove barriers to their learning and thriving, and to partner with our students in the pursuit of successful careers in medicine. We accomplish this through our academic support services  to undergird and support our students as they engage and progress within our curriculum. The Office of Student Affairs will continually build upon our mission and will be intentional and innovative in the pursuit of the most successful strategies to uplift and support our medical students in their pursuit of a career in medicine.

The Office of Student Affairs looks forward to supporting you holistically as an individual in your development as a learner through our units. Each of you are a valued and integral part of the School of Medicine. We welcome your lived experiences and identities as essential contributions to our collective community, and look forward to learning from you as we partner with you in your journey toward becoming an Empathetic Scholar®.


Your Student Affairs Team