The Office for Student Affairs’ mission is to know our students, build community with our students, help to identify and remove barriers to their learning and thriving, and to partner with our students in the pursuit of successful careers in medicine. We accomplish this through our academic support services to undergird and support our students as they engage and progress within our curriculum. The Office for Student Affairs will continually build upon our mission and will be intentional and innovative in the pursuit of the most successful strategies to uplift and support our medical students in their pursuit of a career in medicine.

Contact the Team

Amanda Propst Cuevas

Director of Academic Advising & Professional Development

Yolanda Becker, M.D.

Director of Career and Professional Development 608.260.5134

Angela Hairrell, Ph.D.

Director of Learning Support

Craig Keaton, Ph.D., LMSW

Director of Wellbeing

Mary Beth Mercatoris, Ph.D.

Director, Student Affairs 817.257.8452

Victoria Flores, M.S.

Assistant Director of Student Affairs 817.257.8427

Barbara Strom, M.Ed.

Assistant Director, Academic Success and Learning Support 817.257.8453

Amber Thurman

Learning Specialist 817.257.8426

Alana Yanagida, MSW

Access and Accommodation Specialist 817.257.1023

Preethi Kasilingam, M.Ed.

Medical Student Well-Being Coordinator 817.257.8449

Kenneth Manning

Student Affairs Coordinator 817.257.8401

Jenna Cole

Administrative Assistant, Academic Coaching

Cheryl Hurd, M.D.

Academic Coach 817.257.6633

Frank Lonergan, M.D., M.S.W.

Academic Coach 817.702.8383

Samir Nangia, M.D.

Academic Coach 817.257.6633

Thuthuy Nguyen, M.D.

Academic Coach 817.257.6633