TCU School of Medicine's

On-Campus Team Directory

Full-time or significant-time staff and faculty members working on campus.

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Prasanna Abeyrathna, Ph.D.

Longitudinal Basic Science Faculty

Lani Ackerman, M.D.

Director of Clinical Skills

Diana Acosta

LIC Recruiter

Jennifer Allie, Ph.D.

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development

Deborah Atkisson, M.D.

Physician Development Coach

Jonathan Babirak

Mixed Reality Simulation Specialist

Sandeep Bansal, M.D.

Longitudinal Basic Science Content Expert, Pharmacology

Emily Barrios

LIC Coordinator

Shristy Bashyal, M.B.A.

Director, Faculty Affairs

Kayla Beeler

LIC Coordinator

Mike Bernas, M.S.

Director, Scholarly Pursuit and Thesis

Judy Bernas

Senior Associate Dean and Senior Officer for Communications and Strategy

John Birbari, M.D.

Clerkship Director

April Bleich, M.D.

Chair, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Alicia Boggs

Physcian Development Coach Coordinator

Ric Bonnell, M.D.

Director, Service Learning

Juan Cabrera

Digital Media Producer and Marketer

David Capper, M.D.

Chair of Clinical Sciences

Elizabeth Carrillo, DrPH

Director, Corporate and Community Engagement

Angie Carter, M.A.

Accreditation Coordinator

Michael Carver-Simmons

Simulated Patient Educator

Monica Castillo

Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean of Educational Affairs

Jennifer Coffman, M.D.

Physician Development Coach

Paige Corder, Ed.D.

Director, Assessment and Quality Improvement

Chase Crossno, M.P.H.

Assistant Artistic Director

Richard Davis, M.B.A.

Senior Associate Dean, Finance and Administration; Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Deas, M.D.

Physician Development Coach

Raquel (Rocky) Diaz

LIC Recruiter

Brian J. Dixon, M.D.

Phase 1 Module Lead; Content Application Session Faculty-Psychiatry; LIC Preceptor

Amy Estes

Assistant Director, Community Relations and Special Events

Maricar Estrella

Director, Digital Development and Content Strategy

Victoria Flores

Career Advising Development Coordinator

Stuart D. Flynn, M.D.

Founding Dean

Grant Fowler, M.D.

Chair, Family Medicine

Danika Franks, M.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Candace Gamble, M.D.

Physician Development Coach

Rajesh Gandhi, M.D.

Physician Development Coach

Chris Gilbody

Director, Financial Education and Scholarship

Mitzi Glover, Ph.D.

Longitudinal Basic Science Content Expert, Anatomy

Eric Gonzales, Ph.D.

Longitudinal Basic Science Content Expert

Stevan Gonzalez, M.D.

Phase 3 Selectives Course Director, Phase 3 Critical Care Course Director , Phase 3 Electives Course

Mayra Guardiola

Assistant Director, Faculty Development

Heather Hale, M.S.

Director, Admissions and Outreach

Mary Elizabeth Herring, J.D.

Professionalism Resource Officer

Lisa Hewitt

Administrative Associate

Ken Hopper, M.D.

Physician Development Coach

Trey Ivy

IT Coordinator

Karim S. Jamal, M.D.

Assistant Director, Clinical Skills

Kristin Jennings

Simulation Education, Innovation and Research Coordinator

Adam Jennings, D.O.

Phase 1 Module Lead; Content Application Session Faculty, Anatomy

Rohan Jeyarajah, M.D.

Chair, Surgery

Suhail Johnson

Senior Program Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion

Gunit Kahlon, M.D.

Psychiatry Clerkship Director

Lisa Karpel

Assessment Specialist

Marcel Satsky Kerr, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Assessment and Quality Improvement

Dianna King

Assistant Director, Finance and Operations

Joslyn Krismer

Director, Educational Affairs

Kevin Kunkler, M.D.

Executive Director, Simulation Education, Innovation and Research

Jo Anna Leuck, M.D.

Assistant Dean for Curriculum; Co-Director, Immersion; Interim LIC Director

James Marshall, M.D.

Chair, Pediatrics

Lisa McBride, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion

Terry McCarthy, M.D.

John M. Geesbreght M.D., M.S., FACEP, Chair of Emergency Medicine

Mary Beth Mercatoris, Ph.D.

Director, Student Affairs

Shelby Miller, M.Ed.

Academic Technologist

Lauren Mitchell, Ph.D.

Director, Narrative Medicine

Kitty Momburg

Business Operations Analyst

Samir Nangia, M.D.

Physician Development Coach

Swapan Nath, Ph.D.

Longitudinal Basic Science Content Expert

Erin Nelson, Psy.D.

Assistant Dean of Admissions, Outreach and Financial Education; Director, Preparation for Practice; Course Theme Lead, Psychological and Behavioral Science

Thuthuy Nguyen, M.D.

Physician Development Coach

Daisy Nwachukwu, M.D.

Physician Development Coach

Collin O’Hara, M.D.

Physician Development Coach

Kelly Pagidas, M.D.C.M.

Interim Associate Dean, Educational Affairs; Chair, Medical Education

Sheriee Parnell

Assistant Director, Faculty Affairs

Chinmay Patel, M.D.

Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director

Carrie Patterson

Instructional Designer

Claudia Perez, M.D.

Neurology Clerkship Director

Saji Pillai, M.D.

Assistant Director, Clinical Skills

Brittany Prestidge

Coordinator Office Services

Harikrishna Raja, M.D.

Executive Director, Phase 1

Traci Richards

Assistant to the Dean

Corbin Santana

Mixed Reality Simulation Specialist

Mohanakrishnan Sathyamoorthy, M.D.

Chair, Internal Medicine

Stephen Scott, M.D.

Senior Advisor to the Dean for Accreditation and Clinical Affiliations

Shelia Scott, M.B.A.

Budget and Contracts Administrator

Imran Siddiqui, Ph.D.

Longitudinal Basic Science Content Expert

Andrea Simons

Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Coordinator

Hannah Smitherman, M.D.

Pediatric Clerkship Director

Prescotte Stokes III, M.S.

Integrated Content and Marketing Manager

Veronica Tatum, M.D.

Course Director, Metabolism/Life-CycleModule Director, Hematology

Tristan Tayag, Ph.D.

Professor, Scholarly Pursuit and Thesis

Amani Terrell, M.D.

Associate Professor

Susan Terry

Administrative Assistant

Julie Urrutic

LIC Coordinator

Stacey Vanvliet, M.D.

Director for Career Development, Physician Development Coach

Meagan Voorhies, SPHR

Human Resources Director

Shawn Wagner

Business Operations and Facilities Manager

Kenton Watt, M.B.A.

Senior Director, Development TCU University Advancement

Doug White

Senior Director, Leadership Giving

Jerome Wilcox

Director, Diversity and Inclusion

Evynne Wong

Assistant Director, Records and Registration