Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council serves as an advisory group to guide the dean and the school in the governance, policymaking processes, and strategic planning and priorities for the school. It serves as the advisory body for school policies related to faculty life-cycle and faculty administrative policies, including but not limited to policies and procedures related to recruitment, appointment, and evaluation of faculty. The Faculty Advisory Council also serves as the advisory board for faculty engagement and climate surveys. The Faculty Advisory Council serves as the forum for discussion and resolution of challenges or concerns related to the management of the general faculty within the School of Medicine.


The FAC is comprised of six members of the general faculty, with one of those elected members serving as the chair.

Have a question or concern that relates to faculty governance and policies? Share your question with one of the FAC members and we’ll get back to you. Reach out to FACouncil@tcu.edu to submit a question to the council.

Meet the Faculty

Eric B. Gonzales, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Medical Education


Toral Bhakta, DO

Rajesh Gandhi, MD

Executive Coach

Amelia Tower, DO

Thomas Yorio, PhD