Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship

The School of Medicine offers a one-of-a-kind educational experience, tailored to students’ learning preferences with the patient as the priority. Not everything a student needs to know can be taught in several weeks or even a semester. Years of intentional focus can establish competency and effective tools to explore the depth and understanding of life-long learning, the complexities of the modern health care system, and effective communication and patient care skills.   In addition to longitudinal experiences and one-on-one mentoring, students will benefit from these distinctive building blocks:

  • Team-based Student Support – We know physicians work in teams to deliver quality care, so why shouldn’t they work in teams during medical school?
  • Distributed Clinical Sites – We want students to go where the patients are, rather than wait for them to be admitted to the hospital. We will train students in many disciplines and settings, with a focus on ambulatory care.
LIC Directors
From left to right: Brian J. Dixon, MD (Psychiatry Clerkship Director), Whitney LeFevre, MD (Family Medicine Clerkship Director), Stephen Scott, MD (Sr. Associate Dean), Saji Pillai, MD, FHM (Internal Medicine Clerkship Director), Shanna Combs, MD, FACOG (ObGyn Clerkship Director), Amani Terrell, MD, FAAP (Pediatric Clerkship Director), John Birbari, MD, FACS (Surgery Clerkship Director), Adam Jennings, DO, FACEP (Emergency Medicine Clerkship Director)
Not pictured: Claudia Perez, MD, MS (Neurology Clerkship Director)