Career Advising

Now that you’re in medical school, what comes next? What specialty should you select? What electives should you take? And what happens after medical school?

At Burnett School of Medicine, we are passionate about ensuring every student succeeds in their chosen path. The School of Medicine has a comprehensive career advising system that involves faculty, student affairs professionals, and career preparation professionals.  We believe in walking alongside each individual student as they make these significant decisions about their future. This is completed by integrating career and professional identity development into every stage of your four years here.

The Director of Career and Professional Development oversees the delivery of Careers in Medicine and supervises the advising system for the exploration and selection of medical specialties that will maximize our student’s competitiveness in the Residency Match. Our system utilizes AAMC Careers in Medicine, personality and other self-assessments, CV and personal statement writing and review sessions, in-person and virtual interview preparation, graduate medical education open houses and informational fairs, and consultation in elective scheduling. Many of these resources are on our Student Affairs Resources Padlet page here.

See where our alumni have matched in the past by visiting our Match Map.

Meet the Team

Yolanda Becker, M.D.

Director of Career and Professional Development

International Plaza, 2nd Floor, D6

Victoria Flores, M.S.

Assistant Director of Student Affairs

International Plaza, 2nd Floor, B6