What’s an Empathetic Scholar™? Our graduates will be compassionate, empathetic and prepared to discover the latest knowledge in medical care and equipped with the tools to ask and answer the medical questions of the future. Along with the ability to “walk in a patient’s shoes,” these physicians will excel in the science of medicine. Outstanding communicators and active listeners, empathetic scholars are life-long learners and highly valued as physicians, colleagues, leaders and citizens in their community.

How are Empathetic Scholars™ created? The Compassionate Practice™ is an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to build skills in awareness, listening, inquiry and engagement to foster exceptional connections between physicians and their patients, their teams, and their communities.  We use theatre pedagogy to train doctors to improvise, build authentic connections, and take responsibility for their audience. We use journalism and narrative medicine techniques to train doctors to speak in a language appropriate to their audience’s understanding. Through the use of storytelling and written narratives, our students will learn to connect, reflect and build resilience.  Bolstered by public health, psychology, diversity, communication research, and more, The Compassionate Practice™ provides an impactful foundation to prepare our students to become resilient, empathetic physicians and globally conscious leaders.

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