Burnett School of Medicine at TCU’s Class of 2024 Honored at Hooding Ceremony

The Class of 2024 at the Anne Burnett Marion School of Medicine at Texas Christian University took the Hippocratic Oath during the medical school’s Hooding Ceremony.

By Prescotte Stokes III

Photo Credit: Prescotte Stokes III

FORT WORTH – Students who started medical school during the COVID-19 pandemic received their hoods, signifying their successful completion of their M.D. program.

The Class of 2024 at the Anne Burnett Marion School of Medicine at Texas Christian University took the Hippocratic Oath during the medical school’s Hooding Ceremony.

The Burnett School of Medicine at TCU’s second graduating class had the doctoral hood placed over their heads by department chairs from the medical school.

Class of 2024 Commencement

“The Hooding process symbolizes the culmination of our medical students’ training and represents their transition from student to becoming physician and colleague,” said Stuart D. Flynn, M.D., Founding Dean of Burnett School of Medicine at TCU. “We will follow their progress with pride and interest. They will embrace their futures as empathic scholars that are selfless in their care for others.”

Family and friends of the graduates filled TCU’s Van Cliburn Concert Hall on Friday, May 10.

TCU President Daniel J. Pullin, gave the charge to the graduates to believe in themselves and know that their contributions can make a difference.

“As you embark on your journey with residencies and future roles as attending physicians continue to innovate,” President Pullin said. “Advances in medicine are made by those who dream big with no boundaries and limits. Through your Scholarly Pursuit and Thesis (SPT) projects you’ve learned to answer to complex questions that aren’t always clear at the beginning. We have great confidence in you to make the world a better place and continue to improve how we take care of patients.”

The keynote speaker for the event was TCU Chancellor Victor J. Boschini Jr., who spoke about the joy of watching the graduates and faculty mentors on stage together in celebration of scholarly achievement and an academic tradition.

“The relationship between teacher and student symbolizes a unique connection that includes mentorship, intellectual growth and personal support,” Chancellor Boschini said. “As any student or professor will tell you – this relationship is mutually beneficial and enriches both parties’ lives. These connections happen across our campus every day and are what makes TCU unique.”

The Class of 2024 has had a unique journey to becoming physicians that began during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020.

Antonio Igbokidi, M.D., addressed the crowd as one of eight students from his class inducted into the Burnett School of Medicine’s chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS). The GHHS is a community of medical students, physicians, and other leaders who have been recognized for their compassionate care, which is essential for the health of patients and clinicians. The organization has more than 180 chapters in medical schools and residency programs and more than 45,000 members.

Igbokidi was selected by his classmates to speak at the Hooding Ceremony for being a true representation of an Empathetic Scholar®.

“Class of 2024, I’m inspired not just from the times when you delivered your first baby, aced exams, connected with the Fort Worth community, or your ability to hold your patient’s hand during their last moments of life and show them the upmost compassion,” Dr. Igbokidi said. “I am inspired by when others told you that you couldn’t that you did. I’m incredibly proud of who you all are. What you have overcome and no matter what people have said continue to reach for the impossible.”

The Hooding Ceremony is a traditional part of the yearly commencement celebrations. It dates to European universities in the 11th or 12th Century to differentiate students as they completed their academic careers. Graduates from the Burnett School of Medicine wore purple gowns with black velvet. The regalia also includes a Doctoral Tam, which is traditionally a soft tam.

The Doctoral Hood, worn around the neck and draping down the back, features the colors of the graduate’s university on the inside and the color of the academic discipline on the outside. For graduates of the Burnett School of Medicine, Kelly green (representing medicine) adorns the hood and the inside color was purple, representing TCU.