Fort Worth Medical Student Creates A Safe Space For Black Men to Discuss Mental Health

Nearly 100 people turned out for the second Barbershop Talk Therapy, a mental health initiative launched by Antonio Igbokidi, third-year medical student at Burnett School of Medicine at TCU.

By Prescotte Stokes III

Photo Credit: Prescotte Stokes III


FORT WORTH – Nearly 100 people came out to support and uplift Black men in Fort Worth during the launch of the second annual Barbershop Talk Therapy series led by Antonio Igbokidi, MS-3, at Anne Burnett Marion School of Medicine at Texas Christian University.

“I think today was profound,” Igbokidi said. “We had so many testimonies. We had so many young people.”

The mental health initiative, which was held at Lake Como House of Fades Barbershop on Sunday, February 5, is a collaboration between the Burnett School of Medicine at TCU and the FWISD Family Action Center. Igbokidi  partnered with the barbershop to give men of color a safe space to discuss mental health with their peers.

Over the course of three hours, Black men were able to come in and get a free haircut, while discussing topics close to their heart.

“It think it was everything it was supposed to be for an event that uplifts, inspires and empowers the community,” Igbokidi said.

Outside the barbershop, patrons were able to get free health screenings courtesy of the Black Heart Association. About 50 men were able to get screened and learn more about their health at the event.

“I hope that more people can be able to experience this magic that comes with the Barbershop Talk Therapy project,” Igbokidi said.