Faculty Development Resources

Faculty Development Resources

The Burnett School of Medicine Faculty Development Program recognizes and supports our faculty throughout their academic careers. We strive to provide our faculty with the appropriate knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to allow them to thrive as educators, scholars, and academic professionals. To this end, the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development has identified the following four strategic Faculty Development pillars:

  • Medical Education/Curriculum Development
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Research and Scholarship Development
  • Leadership Development

Faculty Development Programming and Events

Faculty development programming is available to all Burnett School of Medicine faculty, residents, and graduate student instructors through classroom and asynchronous programming, faculty development retreats, workshops, grand rounds and online resources.

Resource of the Month

Medical Student Mistreatment - "On Becoming a Healer" Podcast Image

How is it that a healing profession –  medicine – has such a deeply-ingrained culture of harming its own? We invite you to take a deep-dive into this two-episode series of the “On Becoming a Healer” podcast, where the hosts will confront the problem of medical student mistreatment and discuss its real and lasting impact.

Watch Episode 1 and Episode 2 here.

News with a Purpose

Our monthly Faculty Development Newsletter exists to serve the Burnett School of Medicine by connecting faculty to upcoming events, valuable resources, and opportunities for research, scholarship, and further development.

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