Burnett School of Medicine Scientific Review Board

Supporting Faculty Research and Scholarship

The Burnett School of Medicine is committed to growing and developing excellence in research and scholarship across all missions of the Burnett School of Medicine. To support faculty in the development of excellent and attainable research and funding proposals the Burnett School of Medicine Scientific Review Board (SRB) was established to ensure that all faculty proposals receive valuable review and mentoring from faculty within the Burnett School of Medicine.

SRB mentors are committed to fostering scholarly excellence and are committed to providing you valuable feedback to ensure success of your project and in a timely fashion. The SRB consists of faculty with expertise in educational research; translational research; and qualitative and mixed methods study design. It should also be noted that student SPT projects are vetted inside of that unit and do not funnel through the SRB.

If your proposal includes use of Burnett School of Medicine students as participants or the use of student performance data, please contact Dr. Lee Flood at l.d.flood@tcu.edu prior to submitting your proposal.

All research proposals that will require TCU IRB review and any proposals being sent to external funding agencies requires approval by the SOM SRB prior to submission to the TCU IRB or the funding agency. You must submit the following materials as one word document to the SRB for review:

  1. Full research or grant proposal (see proposal template)
  2. TCU IRB required documentation (templates may be found online here)
    1. Consent protocol
    2. Recruitment materials
    3. Research instruments (e.g., survey, interview protocols, etc.)

If you have any questions about the SRB process or requirements, contact the SRB Chair at j.allie@tcu.edu.