Clinical Teaching Resources

The One-Minute Preceptor

The One-Minute Preceptor teaching method guides the preceptor-student encounter via five microskills. Click here to access this PDF resource.

RIME Model

The RIME model provides and framework and terminology for describing the professional growth of medical students. Click here to learn more about how to utilize RIME as a practical measurement for student growth.

The Clinician-Educator’s Handbook

“The Clinician-Educator’s Handbook” by T. Turner, D. Palazzi, and M. Ward (2008) is a free PDF resource available for our preceptors. Click here to access this document.

Twelve Tips for Clinical Preceptors to Deliver Meaningful Feedback

Click here to view this helpful article about delivering effective feedback to medical students.

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Resource Library

Click here to access this library of resources on Family Medicine.

Teaching Physician

Teaching Physician provides a wealth of online resources for medical professionals. Click here to access the website and use your TCU credentials to log in.